About Us

KabeSmart is an electronic hypermarket model – “Not all but most products”. KabeSmart provides direct import services from Alibaba’s major e-commerce websites including (taobao, 1688, Tmall).

KabeSmart was born with the desire to be a diverse shopping place, rich in products and low prices. As well as creating job opportunities for those who are passionate about business, specifically the partnership program (affiliate) Sales With KabeSmart.

KabeSmart‘s mission is to bring e-commerce to all customers, from the most popular classes, to the least Most interested in technology, easy shopping. From there, KabeSmart will gradually build a convenient and civilized consumption culture for Vietnamese people.

KabeSmart also creates opportunities for retailers and domestic manufacturers to expand their markets and have a healthy and effective development environment. This is an important part of creating a strong driving force to develop the economy, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the country.

Core values
KabeSmart determines to always be loyal to its core values to always be the number one choice of consumers use. The value system includes:

The largest number of products and services: millions of items with diverse and rich categories.
Safe and secure payment
Fast delivery speed
24/7 customer care.
Many creative and convenient sales channels: E-commerce website, Fanpage.
Modern technology platform, quick and convenient transactions.